About our building

Reuben College is located in the heart of the University science area, in a suite of buildings that are currently undergoing major refurbishment. The College shares some of its space with the Radcliffe Science Library and the Museum Collections Teaching & Research Centre.

The building project involves four main components:

  1. Refurbishing the main RSL buildings – the Jackson Wing, built in 1901, and Worthington Wing, built in 1934 – to create new reading areas, public engagement spaces, offices, seminar rooms and social areas, some of which will be shared between the Library and College. 
  2. Converting two adjoining buildings (the western wing of the Inorganic Chemistry Lab and Abbot’s Kitchen) and their connecting spaces to provide a dining hall, meeting rooms and social areas for College members. 
  3. Creating a new quad (College garden) in front of the main entrance to provide an outdoor space for College members. 
  4. Upgrading and converting the two-storey RSL basement to serve as a Museums Collections Teaching & Research Centre, which will have high quality storage facilities for museum collections, as well as a suite of shared, flexible spaces for teaching and public engagement activities.

All works are scheduled for completion in time for the start of the 2021-22 academic year. 

Overall, the building project will create an accessible and modern space with high quality facilities, and flexible spaces for quiet study, group meetings, public events, and social occasions. Students will benefit greatly from access to the specialist knowledge and expertise of library and museum staff located in the buildings, as well as a Digital Innovation Studio equipped with cutting-edge technologies and digital resources to support teaching, learning and public engagement. 

For further information about the building project, please visit Radcliffe Science Library Redevelopment on the University website.